Portable Cabins

If you are after an alternative solution, why don’t you try a portable cabin, otherwise known as a transortable buildings. These portable cabins come in various sizes; it seems the most common size for around the Perth City is the 6x3m unit. In the Pilbara the 12x3m unit seems to be the most common size.

These Portable Cabins come in many different configurations, such as Portable Offices, Portable Lunch Rooms, otherwise known on mining sites as a Crib Hut. The 6x3m unit comes in the same configurations as well, you also see the 6x3m unit configured as a Portable Toilet.

These buildings are of high quality style steel framed structures; they are also designed for different cyclonic regions.

You even see these portable buildings being configured to be used as a comfortable home suitable for use as Granny Flats. You may have a family member who needs a space of their own, or to accommodate visiting relatives, family and friends. Or, add value to your property with the potential of additional income from the supply of affordable rental housing.

Other uses are Weekender, Teenagers Retreat, Holiday House, Beach House, Mining Camp Hut, Donga, Caravan Park Cabin or Holiday Park Cabin. There has been a lot of interest from WA Farmers using transportable buildings on Farm Stations, as well as Shearers' Accommodation, these transportable cabins are an affordable solution.

You may want to think about adding some additional furniture equipment to your portable cabin such as a Kitchenette, complete with stainless steel sink, fixtures and fittings with overhead cabinet. I would definitely recommend adding a reverse cycle air conditioner and electric hot water system.

These Portable Cabins are great for tourist parks as they are a self-contained unit, complete with kitchenette and bathroom, they are also an affordable accommodation solution for locations where accommodation is hard to find. This is why we have been seeing a demand in these types of buildings in the Farming Sector and Rural Properties.